Tuesday 20 December 2016

December booktuber of the month

Hi Everyone,

So that I don't become too distracted with all the Christmas entertainment around the place, I am bringing you my choice of booktuber for this month a few days early.  I am highlighting Ermahgerd Berks because she is fresh and I like her honesty. 

As she unboxes the romance books she isn't slow in claiming she wont read them and doesn't like romance books.  Quite often Youtubers can sound like they are selling a product.  Not this young lady.  I really like that about her. 

I also like that she reads the back of the books and audios.  At times I watch unboxings and have no idea about the product, only that unboxing looks fun and all the books have beautiful covers.  I have to admit that while I watched this unboxing clip, I skipped over to check out the audio box link.  I haven't come across this particular link before (maybe you should check it out too). 

In addition to the book product that she unboxes I love the Christmas stockings that hang behind her! 

So, check out the link and clip above to see what she presents.  Her clips seem very regular, honest and she lets you know what she is actually unpacking and/or reading.

Happy reading

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