Monday 19 December 2016

Jake and the gingerbread wars

Jake and the Gingerbread Wars
E. G. Foley
ISBN: 0997254939

Hi Everyone,

I couldn't wait to finish this one before telling you all about it.  Christmas is too close and I am only half way through reading this aloud with the kids; I think you should know about it before Christmas is over.  This is one that I recommend reading for Christmas.  So if you still can get a copy and start reading today.  I got my copy from Amazon in kindle format. If you have a Kindle then you can have this book too and enjoy reading it with your kids.

The kids and I all love the little elf named 'Humbug'.  And a humbug is exactly what he is.  He doesn't want to work for Santa anymore because he has been put in the kitchen with Mrs Claus.  Can you just imagine that?  We all smiled at the thought 😂.  I can understand why he has to do dishes duty when I listen to his attitude.  Really, this little elf is what is giving this book so much pleasure.

There is plenty if imagery going on in this book.  The author has done a brilliant job of showing us the gingerbread war, the fairies, and of course Humbug.  The language is also detailed and rich.  I have found that the vocabulary choice has been at an impressive level for the age of which the book is aimed.  By reading this on Kindle any child is able to find the meanings of the words that might leave them questioning.  I have done this in a couple of cases, and we are only half way through!  I always stop and look up the words when I am reading aloud to the kids with my Kindle.  It is a quick and easy way to build vocab.

As for the plot... We are loving it.  Especially with Christmas approaching.  It is creating quite a family time with the kids.  I am only half way through, I know, but my opinion is backed up by that of my children and they can 'say it as they see it' at the best of times.  Take a look at the description and see why we might just be smiling our way through this one.


Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men…and Gingerbread Men?!After his harsh beginnings as a rough-and-tumble orphan on the streets of London, Jake Everton takes his rightful place as the long-lost heir of an aristocratic family with magical powers – his personal quest, to follow in his slain parents’ footsteps as a Lightrider in the age-old battle of good versus evil. In the fantastical nooks and crannies of the Victorian Age, Jake and his friends (including his pet Gryphon) find no shortage of adventure – righting magic-related wrongs, solving supernatural mysteries, and exploring wondrous new worlds. Now it’s Jake’s first Christmas with his eccentric magical relatives, but trouble never takes a holiday…

Santa’s Horrid Little Helper

Wanted! Humbug, the disgruntled Christmas elf.

Reward: One Christmas wish granted, courtesy of Santa.

Humbug hates being a Christmas elf. Instead of making toys, he’d rather make mischief. Angling for a new job in Halloween Town, he sets out to prove he’s frightful enough for the task by ruining Christmas for as many people as possible – until Jake and his friends capture him. The kids set out on a rip-roaring adventure to the North Pole to hand the troublemaker over to Santa and collect the reward. But the way is fraught with danger, leaving them to wonder if they’ll make it back in time for Christmas…or if they’ll even make it back alive!

This was available from: Amazon, Fishpond and Book depository

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