Tuesday 8 December 2015

Worthy of repeating

Hi Everyone,

Summer is here!  Now I know that many of my followers are waiting for snow but I got to walk in the beautiful sunset of this photo.  To finally head to the beach, with no wind, was amazing.  To arrive there and walk in the quiet, that the scene presented, was tranquil after a day keeping everything under control. 

When I opened my mail the next morning, there was a quote stating 'Close your eyes and see'.  Now quotes are there to make us think.  To seek deeper past the distractions of everyday noise.  I had seen the beauty of the sunset, in the heat I had long awaited.  Had I heard past the noise?  Past the distractions of the day?  To be honest, no.  I had enjoyed every moment with my family, walking in the tide yet the noise still drained some of the peace. 

I love to sit, quietly and clear my mind, listening past all distractions.  I am learning to do this, and I recommend it to everyone.  When I sit in my own space, I hear my dreams.  I block out any worry and listen deep within.  I find peace in myself rather than seeking it from others.   I hear myself rather than hoping someone will just hear me and listen. 

Are you worthy of being heard?  Start by shutting your eyes and hearing yourself.  Your dreams and passions.  If you don't want to hear you, then why do you expect others to find you worthy of hearing?  You hold treasures beyond imagination, you just have to shut your eyes and hear, you!

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