Sunday 6 December 2015

Animal Soup

Animal Soup
Author: Ian Whybrow & Teresa Murfin
ISBN: 978-0-439943-05-5
Picture book

Hi Everyone
This has to be one of the brightest, imaginative picture books that I have picked up in a while!
I remember the joy of alphabet soup when I was a child.  We mainly had rice in our soup, but when we got alphabet pasta it took soup to a new level of enjoyment.  The author of 'Animal Soup' has taken this imagination and placed it into a brilliantly illustrated book.  The placement of the pictures versus text enhances the story and read along effect.  I have to give this book top marks for presentation and language.
Each page rhymes, yet the rhyme doesn't overtake the story like some narratives do.  I read this book to some kids then went back over the narrative to seek out the rhyme.  They enjoyed the exercise, and I will use it again when teaching.  We giggled at the concept of the story and enjoyed each accompanying illustration.  I will be taking this book from shelf to couch, to classroom.
Hold on to your witch's hat - it's time for some animal magic!
Oliver loves his Animal Soup, especially when the animals come to life...
Watch out for elephants, whales and crocodiles in this spectacular soup adventure!
This was available from: Fishpond, Book Depository and Amazon

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