Saturday 12 December 2015

the ship of sight and the hand of shadow

The ship of sight and the hand of shadow
Author: Brydie Walker Bain
Pages: 209


Thanks to Brydie Walker Bain for sending me this book, I got to experience the second adventure of Nat and her friends as she travelled throughout New Zealand to complete a task or die.  This book follows after 'The Secret of Sinbad's Cave' and the adventure continued without disappointment.

This book has a lot of Maori place names, just like the first book did.  In the back is a glossary that will help any reader who stumbles over the words.  I read this aloud to my kids and I stumbled over the pronunciation but that is only because I knew what they should sound like.  This book is one that should be read in all New Zealand schools as they venture to include Maori as part of the curriculum dynamics.  What I liked most were the places Nat and her friends ventured to places I recognised, throughout the North Island of New Zealand.  The scenic adventure included rivers, waterfalls and the ocean, all of which are in part what makes New Zealand such a beautiful country.

The adventure and fantasy continued to impress me.  There was more fantasy in the first novel but, the adventure in this novel was greater.  The friendships were close and the dialogue between the characters re-enforced this, making it a great middle read of friendship and adventure. 
So, for all you teachers in New Zealand, this book should be on your class shelve.  Pick up a copy and include it into your class reading for 2016.


A phone call before dawn launches Nat Sheppard into a world of intrigue that leaves her fighting for her life. Entrusted with a sacred task that must be completed within two phases of the moon, Nat and her friends race up New Zealand toward Cape Reinga. But the ruthless villain they outwitted last holidays is hunting them, and she will do anything to stop Nat completing her mission.

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