Wednesday 24 January 2018

Today's quote

136 years ago it was different than today 
for the women of the world

Hi Everyone,

Google tells me today is Virginia Woolf's 136th birthday!  Born in 1882...that seems like so long ago and yet her books are still read today.  Isn't that just amazing.

Virginia Woolf was famous for her writing and was also in many movies.  Take a look over at her Wikipedia page, here is the Link.

I read and studied her novel, To the Light House.  I notice it is one which I never reviewed for you.  That may be because I found it quite a 'different' sort of read.  I can remember reading and re-reading trying to get a grasp of what we were studying at the time.  Maybe I should go back a re-read it again, but this time for pleasure.

If you have read To the Light House and enjoyed it, leave me a comment.  If I get inspire by you all I will pick it back up again, and this time review it.

Happy reading

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