Tuesday 26 September 2017

The pet itch

The Pet Itch
Author: Elli Woollard
Illustrator: Elina Ellis
ISBN: 9781848861749

The Pet Itch
Hi Everyone

How can you resist this little picture book the pictures are just too adorable!

This is  a story of  a critter who wants a pet.  None of the adults want a pet.  So he sets out to convince them.... with a pet itch.  Although the story line is fantastic it is the illustrations that bring it all together so brilliantly.  The pictures capture the essence the author writes of.  They are bold, bright, funny.  So is the story.  

This really is one that I would purchase over and over for any little one needing a gift. 

Take a look at these few pages and you will see what I am meaning by the brilliance of the story/picture connection:

And what about this one:

So, what do you think, adorable or what?


Mossy the monster wants a pet Itch but his family are not so keen!

But that's not going to stop Mossy and his scheming older sister.  They have a plan!

This was available from: Book depositoryFishpond and Amazon

Happy reading

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