Thursday 14 July 2016

Saving my Assassin

Saving My Assassin
Author: Viginia Prodan
ISBN: 9781496411846

Oh my goodness! 

This book is so eye opening! 

From the first page, I was taken in to the life of this woman.  From her childhood, that was an act of survival in itself, to the final pages of her adult encounters, this was a book of faith and strength beyond anything I have ever read.  Virginia found herself on the wrong side of communist governance but continued to fight for truth and justice.  The way in which she remained calm in the face of her assassin, to the grace she showed while under house arrest (for no reason without even the ability to get more food for her girls) is indescribable, other than her account written in this books pages. 

What I found really good about the writing of this book, was the history and acknowledgment of the reality of the Communist ruling of Romania.  I had media knowledge of communism and media knowledge of Romania.  I had no real reality of the individual lives in such a country.  I come from a country where we are safe from such ruling and take plenty for granted.  This goes un-noticed until one reads a book like this one.

Virginia has written an amazing book here, showing her life and at the same time showing the rest of the world a little of the reality of Communist ruling and historical events in Romanian history.  This is a story that will probably never make the history text books, but stories like these are those that tell truth in history.

My highest credits go to 'Saving my Assassin'. 


"I should be dead. Buried in an unmarked grave in Romania. Obviously I'm not. God had other plans."

Virginia Prodan's compelling story of courage in the face of intimidation and even death on behalf of others is a testament to her unwavering faith in a God who delivers.

Happy reading

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