Friday 8 July 2016

Mentoring and educating the teens: Week 4

Hi everyone,

This week was a test of how much the kids could do on their own devices.  I had appointment after appointment this week and they had to keep going while I was gone. 

The question is did they?

They surprised me greatly and worked away while I was away.  In fact I think some may have done the work faster, so they could do what they wanted if time allowed before I got back.  It makes me smile to see that when they need to all will be completed.

We managed to get all assignments from the previous week completed.  We started reading a new book, and it took up too much time as we were all trying to solve the mystery as we read along.  There has been much debate over who took the painting in the case.

I purchased this book a couple of years ago as it was listed in the Sonlight Curriculum.  I cannot remember which core it went with, but it is a very enjoyable book.  It is the great-great-great grandchildren of Sherlock Holmes trying to solve the cases that Sherlock never had.  Very interesting concept which has grabbed the interest of my boy.  He will be adding the rest of the series to his Kindle, I am sure of that one. 

We have continued to read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.  This has come with mixed emotions but all have continued to trudge their way through the pages.  I recommend anyone who asks their teens to read this one, be ready to read it themselves so as to delve into conversation.  It has been the conversation that has opened up the depth of his life within this autobiography. 

Then to make the week just a little bit interesting, we had a broken computer screen.  Not a problem when there are boys around to make a new computer from the remains.  It took an afternoon of dissecting and arranging new cables to enable the now dead swipe screen to work, but a working computer was achieved.  What better electronic electives could I have organised myself!

Now we take a week of due to school holidays here in our country.  I will be back with the next issue of 'Mentoring and Educating the teens' in a fortnight.

Happy reading

The 100-year Old Secret was purchased from Fishpond

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