Tuesday 12 April 2022

Rick Stein At Home

Rick Stein At Home: Recipes, Memories and Stories from a Food Lover's Kitchen

Author: Rick Stein

ISBN: 978-1-78594-708-7

Hi Everyone

I decided last year that each town/city that I visited would put a book into my collection.  When I went on a girls day out to Gore last month, I picked up Rick Stein At Home. I had no idea that when I told friends about my now cookbook, that they would tell me they watch him on TV.  I was just adding to my collection on my memorable moments bookcase.  There is no need for Pandora charms or jewellery items when you can have a new book to treasure.... unless there are gifts heading my way then by all means don't limit the jewellery choices!

Why did I choose Rick Stein At Home over all the other cookbooks on offer that day:

  1. I judge books by their covers and this one hooked my in.
  2. It is hard cover
  3. I like cookbooks that are easily left on a coffee table and displayable
  4. Plenty of pictures (cookbooks must have pictures or I won't purchase them)
  5. More than 100 recipes!
  6. The ingredients looked like I would have them in my cupboard
  7. The extra detail - information and stories that make it more than a recipe book
Missing from this book:
  1. A ribbon
  2. Let's make that two ribbons - I like a couple of ribbons so I can book mark pages that I am cooking. If there are two ribbons then I can easily flick between the pages while cooking one meal
Now let me show you a couple of the pictures, that way you can see what won me over:

Apple charlotte
This is the best apple charlotte recipe I have ever made!
It is now a family favourite

Beef & Macaroni pie with cinnamon, red wine & kefalotiri cheese

Honestly, there is something for everyone!


Rick Stein has spent his life travelling the world in search of cooking perfection. Now he invites us into the rhythms and rituals of his home cooking, sharing over 100 of his favourite recipes - from updated classics to brand new dishes - along with unforgettable stories that celebrate ingredients, memories, family cooking moments and more.

Happy reading

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