Sunday 3 April 2022

Friendly Day

 Author: Mij Kelly and Charles Fuge

ISBN: 9781444936018

Hi Everyone

Today I have a special guest with me. She is one of my great students and she is going to help me tell you what we think of 'Friendly Day':

What was the book about? The book is about friendly day which is a day when they are not mean. 

What was your favourite part? The mouse longed for friendly day in her cave meanwhile outside the dog still cried sadly.

What was your favourite sentence? My favourite sentence in the whole book was 'He tricked the cat, but now he sat and longed for friendly day. Meanwhile outside, the dog still cried. The bear gave him a pat.'

Who is your favourite character? It is the kittens because they look really cute. 

Did you like this book and why? Yes because it is a good book and the animals are friendly and kind.


Hooray - It's friendly day! 

A day for sharing a day for caring, when everyone is nice, when cow reads snail a fairy tale and cats do NOT eat mice. 

A warm tale full of friendship, love and hugs!

Thank you to my friend and student for her input and thoughts of  'Friendly Day'.

Happy reading

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