Sunday 20 March 2022

Youtuber of the month


Hi Everyone

I came across this woman this morning and I have to say I am impressed with this video.  I have to check out the rest of her videos but this one is worth watching. 

Some good points are made in this clip:

  • Try a Kindle - Tick - I love a book in my hand but there is a place for my Kindle too.
  • Try 'Libby' - Tick - Great resource for audio books. I didn't know that I could use Libby connected to my kindle!  I must look into this option.
  • Accountability partner - Tick - Find someone to share books with it makes the journey so much more fun.
  • Make notes - Tick - This so something I never used to do, but since I have started I get so much more out of what I am reading

Okay.... I'm going to pop over and check out some of her other videos and see if I think she is worth of putting on my subscription list.... I will be back!

I'm back 😀

Most of her other clips aren't focused around books but there are some good informative clips on her channel.  This one you will need to take a look into and see if Elena Taber has anything you are interested in.  I for one though, think this clip is worth watching. It is very inspiring and has some good points.

Happy reading

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