Thursday 17 March 2022

Endangered Characters


Endangered Characters


Hidden on the old oak bookcase,

Sits a million words unseen,

Wondrous worlds not yet travelled,

Mysterious plots pleading, to be unravelled.

Endangered characters fret in flattened pages

Calling courageously when I pass,

Boldly battling inside the covers,

Extinction evident, if they remain undiscovered.


Alice still chases her White Rabbit,

While he stupidly stresses over time,

“I’m late, I’m late” I hear him squeal,

Is his world really that unreal?


One day I’ll sit upon a wishing chair,

And free each character as I read,

But I need my White Rabbit to sit still,

So I can stop, search beyond covers, and save them all.


Author: Richelle M.F.

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