Monday 28 March 2022

Tara Road

 Author: Maeve Binchy

ISBN: 9780752826028

Hi Everyone

A lovely friend handed me this book thinking I might enjoy it.  I looked at the 637 pages and put it beside my bed in a TBR pile 😄 

It was by no means going to be a quick read!

A few weeks ago I looked at the book.  Went to walk away.  And, looked at the book again.  The cover was yelling at me to read it. But.... 637 pages, was I ready to take on the mission.


I took up the challenge!

Wow, what a brilliant piece of literature.  I struggled to put the book down. There was no time to scroll through my phone over the past couple of weeks, I was reading.  I had a job to do. A challenge to complete. 

The challenge quickly became finding time for everything else.  Every five minutes free was more page turning. It was like watching a movie with ads, but the ads were the little interruptions that life gave me (somethings need done). I quickly sorted through the characters.  Found the ones that I connected with, funnelled through the ones that I thought less highly of, and became a part of Tara Road.  Every character had their part to play in the ups, downs, successes and failures. There are no side-line characters on Tara Road.

Then in walks Marilyn all the way from New England. She wants a quiet place to escape but she also found her place in Tara Road.  None of us are immune from the happenings on Tara Road.  You either become a part of Tara Road or you go home.  I became a spectator.  I had no chance of leaving once the pages were opened!

If you want good read with so many aspects of daily life touched upon, then Tara Road is for you.  I am sure you will find a place for you within the pages and encounter characters that will remain a part of your literary mind for years after adventuring down Tara Road.


Ria and Marilyn have never met -  they live thousands of miles apart, separated by the Atlantic Ocean: one in a big, war, Victorian house in Tara Road, Dublin, the other in a modern, open plan house in New England. Two more unlikely friends would be hard to find: Ria's life revolves around her family and friends, while Marilyn's reserve is born of grief. But when each needs a place to escape to, a house exchange seems an ideal solution.

Along with the borrowed houses come neighbours and friends, gossip and speculation as Ria and Marilyn swap lives for the summer...

Happy reading

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