Tuesday 12 December 2017

Today's quote

Hi Everyone

It is getting closer and closer to Christmas, and at times we can get busy running around the circle instead of looking to the middle of it and knowing where to sit in a hard to find quiet space.  I have found through the past few years of the 'ultra busy' time in my life, that without finding that quiet space things fell apart - and that's not always pretty 😁.  So, as we approach this Christmas, I recommend you stop in the middle and ask the why's of what you are doing.  A simple question to ask, but without knowing your 'why' it is much harder to reach your ultimate goals.

There you go my little thought for the day to go with my favourite poet's quote.  I think Robert Frost will remain my favourite poet for a long time yet, as his poems and quotes always make me think beyond his written words.

Happy reading

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