Thursday 7 December 2017

Higher ground

Higher Ground
ISBN: 1-84458-581-6

Stories inspired by the courage and hope of children who survived the 2004 tsunami disaster,
written by best selling authors

Hi Everyone,

Here is yet another book that has been sitting too long on my bookcase.  'Higher Ground' will rock the very seat you sit upon as you read the stories of children who survived this disaster.  I remember clearly this event as I sat with my toddler and baby over Christmas 2004 watching the total loss of life going quickly up and up beyond belief.  These stories are those of children who didn't watch the events via television, but rather watched the event unravel before their eyes.  They searched for parents only to never find them.  They searched for reality in a live nightmare.  They had a story to tell and this book does it for them.

I read story after story to become teary eyed time and again as I do when I hear the sadness and fear behind the words.  This book is amazing.  There are illustrations that only children can create, they also tell what the words cant.  

I know this event was a long time ago but to these kids it will still be like yesterday.  These stories should be heard, read and never lost. I still sit mind drained as I ponder over what I have just read.  If you get the chance pick up a copy of this book and read.  Never let this event be forgotten, too many people died and those who survived had their lives changed. 


Incredibly powerful stories about children's experiences of the Boxing Day 2004 tsunami. Features stories by many of today's best-known authors. Donations from book sales will go to charities active in child welfare. Massive marketing and publicity campaign. A powerful anthology of 18 stories focusing on the experiences of children from all regions affected by the tsunami of Boxing Day 2004. Each child's story, retold by a different well-known children's author, is followed by a short update of the child's progress by the aid-worker who gathered details of story. The book is positive, inspirational, and forward-looking. It tells incredible stories of bravery and survival and looks at how the global aid effort has affected the children involved. An introduction explains what happened in in December 2004 and a map shows the areas affected. The global aid effort is also described, explaining to readers how their charity donations have helped. The charity organizations involved (Unicef, Save the Children and others) have provided the photographs that illustrate book. - Taken from Book depository

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Happy reading

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