Wednesday 13 December 2017

Priscilla and the great Santa Search

Priscilla and the Great Santa Search
Author: Nathaniel Hobbie
Illustrated by Jocelyn Hobbie
ISBN: 978-0-316-08347-8

Priscilla and the Great Santa Search
Hi Everyone

I went to library to see what I could pick up for reading with my students and I came home with a couple of great little books.  I have to comment that there were not a lot of books at the library which had story that didn't revolve around shopping, presents, and Santa.... Interesting. 

One that I did bring home had the most fantastic illustrations. We spent more time picking things out of the pictures than reading the book 😀.  But the story was also very well done.  The most distinguishable aspect I liked about the writing of this story, was the rhyme.  Four lines to each and a rhyme pattern that stood out and made it a great teaching point.  The first two lines rhymed, then the last two lines rhymed.  Above all though, the story remained interesting; a very clever piece of literature.

Although this will appeal to girls and boys, it is very girly and of course me being a girl I loved it.  I laughed at the pictures and enjoyed the plot right to the final page. 

So, I think you really should look at some of the pictures to see what I am talking about:


See, aren't they just brilliant!
I smiled the whole way through.

There we go the start of my Christmas reading and I know they are children's books, but that is what Christmas is for! Reading to children!  Enjoying a good book, especially one you can smile through, and just spending time together.


When Priscilla and her best friend Bettina eagerly join the other holiday shoppers to see Santa at the mall, they realize they are looking at not one, but several fake Santas! The girls are inspired to head to the North Pole in search of the real Santa Claus.

Will the Fifty-Year-Storm keep this curious duo's biggest holiday wish from coming true? Priscilla and the Great Santa Search captures all the magic of Christmastime and the spirit of a child's fascination with the almighty Santa Claus.     
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Happy reading

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