Friday 18 November 2016

Before the flood

Hi Everyone

It is a beautiful day here.  Yesterday I spent time in garden, moving plants and thinking of how to make my section beautiful.  The cat followed me, stalking the young birds.  There was little wind in comparison to the last couple of years, so being outside was such a pleasure.  Then came the evening and the rain pattered on my roof as I smiled thinking of the plants I had just moved.

This morning I awoke early and sat in bed watching the above clip which my sister had recommened, with her heart yearing that we all watched it.  Well being a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio since he first featured on 'Titanic', I clicked the link and what I viewed in this documentary by National Geographic, left me with wide eyes.

I listen to the media, talking about the little effects global temperature, and live in a bubble.  I have to admit I have thought little of it.  I live in country that is doing something about helping the world in this area, so thought we were doing fine.  As I watched this, I was more blown away by the mass production of products of which I use everyday without thinking, without knowing where they come from.  I do much of this because I am told they are good for my health.  My health!  My goodness!  My health may just be killing my future great-grand children, as my children and future grandchildren continue in the path I take. 

It is not because I am ignorant.  It is because I live in a beautiful country.  I have only to drive 30 minutes and I am at the beach or go the other way and I am in the midst of a beautiful bush.  Turn around and I can view a river of which you can catch and eat the fish.  Drive 2 hours from my home and you are in the middle of a conservation treasure and a lake side town.  Go the otherway and you can view the glaciers.  And as or snow capped mountains, they are the norm here. This is my beautiful country of which I have obviously taken for granted.  I watched this and saw where my oil comes from.  Where my products come from.  The people who live there.  The amount of people who live there!  The mass factories!  Burnt forrestry much of which is for production of the things lining the shelves of our stores here.  My goodness!  To me this shocked me more than global warming. 

This film, by National Geographic and placed on many channels on Youtube, is extremely well presented.  It is well documented with statalite footage that is fantastic.  I have never seen the whole world's weather on screen before, only my country's as I watch the weather report.  Put into a world view and it is quite amazing.  The views from space, makes me want to see it from space.  I am very impressed by this film.  I will be getting it on DVD if I can get my hands on it.  And my kids will be watching it. 

I will plant another tree today, just as a reminder of the beautiful world we have, and really should be keeping as such. 

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