Sunday 20 November 2016

One of the Few

One of the Few
Author: Jason B. Lad
ISBN: 978-0-9965384-0-4

Hi Everyone

I was sent a message asking if I would like to read this book and the description sounded interesting so I took up the offer.  I am pleased I did.  Above all I am pleased I kept reading because when I first picked it up, I wasn't really in the right state of mind for reading such a book.  I put it down for a few days and when I commenced, I really enjoyed it.

I became linked to the fighter pilot, and the man.  They are one in the same but as I read this I felt I connected with two different people.  There was the standard marine man talking in one instance, then it is the christian man talking.  This is kind of hard to explain.  As I write I hear myself saying "What are you on about?"

This is a story of a marine fighter in a marine world, but also man who loves a christian girl.  There are more barriers from family than he often endures in the writings of his marine experience.  As he marries this girl and looks for worldview, answers to his questions he changes his perspective.  I like the way he writes of this.  Each connection is linked within the midst of his fighter pilot world.  I would envision it to be a great read for men as the dialogue is  definitely taken from the mans view point and transferred to the explaining of his findings in his search for answers.

If you pick up this book and like me put it down, then do go back to it.  It is well written and I do believe worthy of reading.  I think we should look to find answer,s as this author has.  I think listening to others can show perspectives that we would not always look to.  This book shows just that.  One mans questions, and the answers he found along the way.


A Marine fighter pilot embarks on the greatest mission of all: the pursuit of truth.

Jason B. Ladd realizes that while he’s ready to defend his country, he is unprepared for his most important decisions as a husband and father.

In One of the Few, Ladd pulls from his extensive military training to offer a compelling defense of the Christian faith as he warns seekers to avoid spiritual apathy and offers effective Christian tactics for withstanding spiritual attacks.

Filled with deeply personal stories, this compelling book comes directly from the spirit of a man with the soul of a marine, the mind of a fighter, the heart of a father, and a commitment to Christ.

Happy reading

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