Thursday 17 November 2016

Worthy of repeating

Hi Everyone,

I just have to share this quote!  I found it over at and you can click the above link to venture over there.  With the weekend fast approaching and a day in garden, I sat down to post something for you and went... brain malfunction. 

I was in need of coffee and chocolate...

The sun has given me a sense of sunstroke...

Or, maybe it is just the end of the week!

What ever the problem I was lost for words.  For all you who know me personally, you will all know I am not often lost for words.  So instead of writing I started surfing the internet.  You know the feeling, that sidetracked feeling that gives you so much more pleasure. 

What I came across was the above little owl who just made me smile.  So as your week ends and you look forward to the weekend I hope you all manage to find something that makes you smile.

Happy reading

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