Thursday 8 September 2016


Hi Everyone

Its been a busy week here.  I have had a week off and managed to full it in with everything!  Does anyone else have this problem.  I think of all the relaxing things I can do with a week off, all the books I can get read, the quiet things I long to do.  Then, I full the week with everything but, quietness 

Having said that, it has been a fabulous week of friends and family visiting from out of town.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.  It has been such a special time catching up with loved ones that I haven't seen for nearly 10 years. 

So today I am bringing you some of my favourites from around the web.  I always like finding a new blog or site that I can connect with so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones with all you out there that regularly look in on mine.  I have included the links with each for easy access to the sites. 

Brainy quotes bring you a new quote every day.  You can down load their app, receive the quotes via email or link into the site.

I believe in living today. Not in yesterday, nor in tomorrow. - Loretta Young

Each week Excellence in writing bring you a new podcast.  They are mostly about writing but there are also plenty on teaching and children/teens.  I often connect in to see what new research they have to offer.

Bookbub sends you an email each day, or you can connect into the site, letting you know just a few of the free ebooks available each day.


One of my all time favourites is the good old Tedtalks on YouTube... especially Tedx.  It depends on the day as to what I connect into, but there are loads of people out there on Tedtalks that have a lot to offer the world.

TEDx Talks

For all you who have a cold day there, take a look into some of my favourites.  As for me... Spring is here, the sun is shining and there are baby lambs in the paddocks all around the country side.  Its a great day to smile.

Happy reading and web surfing

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