Saturday 17 September 2016

Living Well

Living Well
Greg Horn
ISBN: 9780982515938

This book is very well researched and written.  If there is one thing I enjoy it is finding out one more thing about health.  I have spent years looking at all the health benefits of food and exercise.  After years of running, a injury slowed me down recently and made me see the importance of diet to another extreme. 

None of us are getting any younger and we live in a fast paced, commercialised world.  This book addresses health, food, exercise and lifestyle that compliments any lifestyle.  Not only does it give the authors opinion, it gives sound research into each matters addressed.  Of all the research, I have to agree with most, if not all, that is incorporated in these pages.  It isn't totally new information for the well read, well researched, and well Googled individual.  But it is so well written that you will keep turning the pages for the next issues advice. 

I liked that information about vitamins.  I am not a big supplement taker but they have their place.  The management of vitamins is not over done, and is backed up with the whys of implementing each supplement. 

The last section is a prescription for incorporating the information into your lifestyle.  Take a look at the clip below, which I got from YouTube.  It shows what the book has to offer, beyond this reviews information.  Then pick up a copy, you have little to lose through learning more about good sensible health.


Living Well is a book for anyone who wants to get the most out of life, with clear answers about health, diet, exercise, and personal habits that can make all the difference. Living Well is the only program that incorporates all the elements of good health into one whole life plan by using Six Pillars: Thinking Well, Eating Well, Moving Well, Sleeping Well, Hosting Well, and Staying Well.
Written by health and nutrition expert Greg Horn in the same engaging and accessible style that made Living Green a best seller, Living Well connects the science to the art of Living Well, consolidating the latest scientific research into common sense insights and offering a prescriptive action plan that readers can incorporate into their lives.

Happy reading

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