Wednesday 31 August 2016

The Brain Fog Fix

The Brain Fog Fix
Author: Dr. Mike Dow
ISBN: 9781401946470

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Anyone who knows me, will know that I have a fascination with the brain.  I drive my kids nuts at times when I get going with some new piece of information about our brains.  So to drive them even more insane I grabbed the opportunity to read this book.

It exceeded my expectations.  This seems to me to be a well researched book.  Now take into account I am no expert and I offer no advice other than my opinion on all my findings.  But, I really think this book is worth reading.

If you wake up feeling like you have scatter brain then it may just be what you are feeding it.  What are you doing to keep it developing and excited about life?  The age old saying: 'You are what you eat'  may just be proven within these pages.  Dr, Mike Dow looks at all the impacts of foods we crave or over indulge with.  He writes about all the logical dietary influences we have been bombarded with over the past decades and puts them into perspective.  What you put into your mouth needs to feed your body and your brain, it's not all about dieting!  He explores these impacts in such a readable way, I struggled to put it down and digest the information.  Then there is the movement and spiritual side of things.  Both of which are common sense and not over done in anyway that I was left thinking rather than judging. 

The last section gives you a plan to incorporate all the information into your daily life, for the rest of your life.  I need to go back and read it all again now.  I want to take my time reading it, and absorb every piece of information.  Then I will look at the plan and see where I can make little improvements so that I can enjoy the other end of my life.


A new epidemic is sweeping the country. Some people call it “ADHD,” “scatter brain,” or “brain fog.” And some people simply say they “just don't feel like themselves”—and haven't for a long time.
People are thinking and feeling worse than ever. Why? Because our brains are not getting the support they need to produce the essential brain chemicals that keep us energized, calm, focused, and inspired. In fact, if you look at the way that most of us live, it's almost as though we had chosen a lifestyle deliberately intended to undermine our brain chemistry.
Fortunately, there is a solution. The Brain Fog Fix is a three-week program designed to help you naturally restore three of your brain's most crucial chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol. Rebalancing these three brain chemicals will, in turn, enable the rest of your brain's chemistry to reach optimal levels. You will find yourself thinking more clearly, remembering more accurately, learning more quickly, and unleashing the floodgates of your creativity. You will also find yourself feeling more optimistic, calm, energized, connected, and inspired.
The good news is that this is easier than you think. Instead of trying to ambitiously overhaul one aspect of your life entirely with some difficult-to-maintain resolution, begin by making small and achievable changes in many different areas of your life.

“If I've learned one thing from the thousands of people I've treated, it's that you have to take the whole person into account if you want to think and feel better.” —Dr. Mike Dow

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