Tuesday 30 August 2016

Tuber of the month

Hi Everyone

I was grabbed more this month by the Ted Talks on youtube than by booktubers.  I found this interesting woman, Rebecca Bellingham.  She has a point.  One of which I will shout from the mountain tops.  We should read to children aloud!  My kids still love to be read aloud to.  Sometimes they sit on their computers while I read aloud, and they still tell me what the story was about.  It is never too late to read out loud to your kids and give them a wonderful experience of the written world.

Take a look at this clip by Rebecca and she what she has to say about reading aloud.  I agree totally with what she has to say.  I was one of those children that struggled to get into the book but was good at decoding.  I had one teacher that read to me out loud and I wish there had of been more, especially in my teen years.

Now go ahead, pick up a book and start reading to your kids!

Happy reading

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