Tuesday 19 January 2016

Todays choices

I was out for a run this morning, it was peaceful, and the sun was shining.  These types of runs lead me to an inner calm.  I have to breathe the air around me just to survive, as I pound the road beneath me.  Today I got to thinking, of some of the decisions I have made in my life and where I have got to today.  What I have become is due to choices made yesterday, the day before or years ago.  I am the outcome of more than the people around me.  My parents had their time of making my decisions, and part of that has influenced who I am today.  But more so it is choices I have made.  Each day I am faced with possibilities, if I chose to see them, take them or leave them. 

Many occasions passed through my thoughts, as I breathed each breath on my run.  I remembered things I wanted, but couldn't get, yet didn't fight for either.  I remembered the things I did fight for, the things I worked for,  and the way I grew through so many occasions to become the person I am today.  This made me realise I am an outcome of my choices.  I am reaping the results of choices I made days, months, even years ago.  Each choice has an outcome.  Sometimes I think I have no control over the things happening in my life, but I do have a choice in how I will react and how I will feel.
As this year takes us all to places, we have planned or never imagined, remember we are all able to make choices.  Think of things you value the most and where you want life to take you.  Then base your choices on these things and make them happen.  Only you can make things happen, because only you know what you really want in life.

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