Friday 15 January 2016

Last library before the Antarctic

Hi Everyone

I have been away on a much-needed summer break.  It's good to be back with you all again.  I can travel no further south!  I can find no other library closer to the Antarctic than this!  It is small and open short hours, the bookshelves hold only a few books in comparison to other libraries, but it has been worth the journey.  Where is this library?  Stewart Island.  Way down the bottom of New Zealand.  It is the most relaxing, refreshing little island I have ever been to.  There were only a few cars but there were plenty of friendly people.  Everyone smiled.  Everyone had kind words to say.  And to add to the beauty and atmosphere, the sun was shining. 


What more could one ask for?  Internet, yes the internet.  My kids needed to find the one and only street that had free internet.  It was of primary importance.  I have to smile here; I take them to the most beautiful, relaxing place, and they go on a hunt for internet.  Lucky for them it was also the street that contained the library.  I wanted a photo of the library for all you book lovers, and the kids got their internet.  Now they have re-named the street (my kids that is) Internet Street.  All the locals had no idea what the kids were on about but once explained they totally understood.  Beyond their adventure to the one free internet street, they loved the island.

If you are looking for a place to go on holiday, New Zealand is worth looking into.  Remember to take the trip to Stewart Island.  They make good coffee, have the best fish, the scenery is divine, the bird life beautiful and the atmosphere beyond tranquil.  And, they have a library!

Where can you find libraries?  I have always loved old churches and architecture but now I am seeking out libraries they hold more stories than the books within.
Happy reading


Disclaimer:  I took these photos and do not know any of the people within them.  They just happen to be on the streets of Stewart Island and enjoying the scenery, at the same time as I took the photo.  If you recognise yourself in them then your welcome to let me know.

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