Friday 8 January 2016

The 1-Hour Goddess

The 1-Hour Goddess
Author: Anne Clara Laugesen
ISBN: 978-1518819926


When Anne Laugesen offered this book to me, I was extremely excited.  I love fitness.  I have been a runner since I was ten years old.  A year ago I started to feel my hip aching and decided it was time to slow down the running and take up walking.  Walking was too slow, so I tried pop-pilates and loved it.  So when this book came up for viewing, I had to take a look.  I sat down and read it in two readings. 

So what do I think of this one?  I agree with most of the things she has written.  I would say that I agree with all of it, but will have to read it again before I make that kind of statement with any health book.  There is much on offer out there for health advice but over the years I have come to believe that whole food and getting moving is the only way to optimised health.  This book promotes all this and more.  Taking a look at strength training, she makes some good points.  There needs to be time for your muscles to work to their maximum ability and a time to heal the soreness resulting.  I heard this theory years ago from a body builder and never took any notice of it until I picked up this book.  It got me thinking, I have found Pilates good for my health and fitness, but the way I do is in line with Anne's philosophy, of which she has included reference to her research. 

She has included links to her exercises that made them easy to understand and follow.  Considering it is so simple to have incorrect form when strength training I give Anne credit for thinking of this.  It is what I liked most about this book.  I have an electronic copy, so I am not sure how it works in print form but it's great clicking the page and being taken to a link showing how to do each thing.

So, in conclusion, I give credit to Anne Laugesen's research, writing and presentation of a fitness book I am pleased to have taken a time to read.  Do I recommend it?  Yes, I do.  After the past year of Pilates, focusing on more than cardio for fitness, I agree with the importance of balance.  Food, cardio and strength training together make a good foundation for health. 

I am just realising the importance of stretching, as I slowly incorporate time to relax and stretch.  We have a body, and each part of it is important.  When I get a sore finger, I realise that it affects my strength in other parts of my body.  So I question why we tend to focus on just the heart and lungs, or just the way the muscles look in our arms look, or even what food to eat so we can stay slim.  As we all enter 2016 and take up new diet fads or exercise programs, take a look at the health of your whole body.  And if you want a good read to motivate you along the way take a look at this book and the links within.

Happy new year, it's good to be back with you for 2016.


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