Tuesday 22 December 2015



If there is one thing I have learnt this year it is 'growth begins with gratitude'.  It is not what others can do for you; it will never bring happiness.  They will never add up to your expectations.  At times, I wonder if they have any idea of my expectations.

You can search for happiness in endless things but with out growth we become stagnant.  When we become stagnant nothing good follows.  The more I look for things to be grateful for the more I see the beauty in the little things.  In the buttercups of my life.

When I was a little girl, my teacher would send my class for a run around the school grounds.  I loved running, but the buttercups and daisies were more interesting.  Us girls would sit and make the daisy's into chains and the buttercups would glow under our chins as we laughed over who 'liked butter'.  As I got older, the buttercups became weeds.  Every week I mow them down.  Every week they have the strength to poke their heads back up and grow again.  As I walked down my driveway the other day I stopped and took the above picture of the buttercups in my driveway.  The weeds that need to be chopped down.  I saw beauty in the picture.  I thought of the strength behind the small flower and thought of how I am no longer grateful for their beauty as I was years earlier.

I thought of the people in my life, the buttercups that are mowed down without knowing.  Those people have a strength we should all be grateful for.  Each week they turn up.  Each week they put on smile and help. 

I am grateful for all the buttercup people.  The people who have laughed with me when they wanted to cry.  The ones who made me coffee when they were tired.  The ones who encouraged me when they really needed the encouraging.

Who are you grateful for this Christmas?

Merry Christmas everyone!  I am grateful to each of you that look in every week, making my reading and writing a joy.

Happy reading


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