Monday 21 December 2015

Life of Fred

Life of Fred
Author: Stanley F. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Hi everyone,
Today I bring to you my favourite curriculum for the year, 'Life of Fred'.  The kids have loved working their way through the story of Fred a six-year-old genius who teaches.  It sound's like an impossible concept, but the kids enjoyed it.  Now this is no little kids curriculum; it goes right up to teaching linear algebra.
How often do you hear, "Why do we have to learn this I will never use it anyway?"  This is exactly the question that led me to the purchase of this series.  I was able to teach algebra, but I could not answer how it would be used.  Life of Fred does this in a fun way, through a story.  At the end of each chapter, there are questions to try, and answers.
I liked the way this captured the thinking of the kids.  I also like that it is a complete series.  So often I have been able to get primary aged books, but secondary curriculum lacks.  As you can see from the following list, there is good follow on from book to book:
Life of Fred: Fractions
Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents
Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology
Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics
Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra
Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra
Life of Fred Geometry
Life of Fred: Trigonometry
Life of Fred: Calculus
Life of Fred: Statistics
Life of Fred Linear Algebra
I have been using this curriculum in addition to Saxon Math this year, and it has been a great extension to the kids math.  I know of others that are using it as a stand alone curriculum and are finding it good without the addition of Saxon.  The reason I have done both is because Saxon math works with the kids I am teaching.  The reason I added 'Life of Fred" was to answer the questions of why would algebra be of any use in the real world. 

Happy reading

This was available from: Amazon, Stanley Schmidt, Engaging Minds, and Life of Fred math

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