Tuesday 1 December 2015

Worthy of repeating

Hi everyone

I have a few things to repeat today.  First is I have a Facebook page for you to connect into.  Search read learn and shine, and it will give you another way to connect into my reviews.  Also, check out my twitter by clicking the link in my side panel.  It's great connecting with you all, so please link in.

The next thing is the Goodreads 2015 votes are completed. Look in on your Goodreads and see what won.  Did you vote?

Now to what I found interesting and thought-provoking this week. I have no idea where this came from other than the fact it was sent to me on my Facebook page by a wonderful friend. This friend is the greatest of people at lifting others up.  I love the people in my life that don't spend all their time running others down.  In fact, I have left behind the people who spend their time degrading others.  There is only so many people one can help in life, and the rest needs to be done by the individual.  I have heard the odd friend comment that it is a good thing to set people straight.  Yes and no.  To the benefit of the person, with grace and love, then yes.  But you had better be a really good encouraging friend before you pick holes in someones life just because it doesn't measure up to your thoughts.  To use your words to support and encourage a friend, will grow the individual and the friendship more than you can imagine.  I don't understand why we put people down other than the inner issues we hide.

Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to be all you can be.  You are free to dream.  You are free to seek those dreams.  Find the people who will encourage you and help you.  Then do the same for someone else.  One person at a time, one friendship at a time.

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