Friday 27 November 2015

BookTuber of the month

Calling all BookTubers!  Would you like me to check out your channel?  Then leave a comment below and let me know about you.  Each month I search the world of BookTubers to see what is happening in the book review world.  There are the ones that I have watched for a long time, but what about all you new people out there.  It would be nice to highlight some of the newbies,  we all deserve a chance when we are starting something new.  So here is your chance.  Flick me a comment and your link and I will take a look.  You never know, you may just make it onto my BookTuber of the month list.
This month I have chosen Riley Marie.  I have no idea how long she has been doing her reviews for but she looks fresh and young.  Good on Riley for telling us all about the books she has been reading.  I enjoyed her honesty and her reasoning's.  Keep on reading and reviewing, Riley.

Youtube link:

Happy Reading!

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