Saturday 23 August 2014

The neverending story

The Neverending Story
Author: Michael Ende
ISBN:  9780140386332
Pages: 444

 The Neverending Story
This is one of my favourite children's movies so I thought it was about time I read the book.  The first half of the book is a lot like the movie.  I was impressed.  Many of the movies I have watched have not been as closely related to the book as this one.  The only problem was the movie stops about half way through the book.  This threw me a little, as after this I had to read a story which I expected finished.  It was well worth continuing the read. 
The first half of the book Bastian takes a book and hides in the school attic to read it.  He reads of Fantastica and the adventures of Atreyu, as he tries to find the one boy who can save Fantastica.  As Basitian reads, he is drawn into the story and discovers he is in fact the boy.  He has to name the childlike empress but has no idea how.  He gives her a new name and is transported into Fantasica.  By this time Fantastica is all gone but one grain.  As Bastian makes wishes Fantastica is reborn.  Time brings the discovery that his wishes makes him lose his memory of his life before Fantastica.  He must find a way back to his world before his wishes are all used and he has no memory of the life he wants to return to.   He must find what is important to him and what he really wishes for.
For anyone who has enjoyed this movie, maybe its worth you reading the book too.  It is a story for all ages to enjoy and remember.
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