Friday 22 August 2014

Teaching adolescent writers


Teaching Adolescent Writers
Author: Kelly Gallagher
ISBN: 9781571104299
Pages: 200

Teaching Adolescent Writers

I can not over state how happy I am to have this book.  If you are teaching adolescents writing, then I highly recommend you go online to Book Depository or Fishpond and get yourself a copy. 
Kelly Gallagher  has built this book around six "Pillars of Writing Success":
  1. Students need a lot more writing practice.
  2. Students need teachers who model good writing.
  3. Students need the opportunity to read and study other writers.
  4. Students need choice when it comes to writing topics.
  5. Students need to write for authentic purposes and for authentic audiences.
  6. Students need meaningful feedback from both the teacher and their peers.
He offers a number of classroom-tested strategies that enable teachers to:
  • Understand the importance of teaching writing
  • Motivate young writers
  • Model effective writing using both the teacher's own compositions and real-world text
  • Provide clear choice within a rigorous curriculum
  • Help students recognise the importance of purpose and audience
  • assess essay;s in ways that drive better writing performance
This book is brilliant.  It has master sheets in the appendix, along with lists that I will surly find very useful.  I have put into action a number of things already and it works.  It is difficult to take a student from primary writing and transition them into adult writers.  Teaching Adolescent writers has made this transition easier to comprehend.  It has given me tools and advice to teach a young adult rather than treat them like they are still a child writer. 
This is available from:  Book depository, Amazon and Fishpond:

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