Monday 28 July 2014

To the Lighthouse


To the Lighthouse
Virginia Woolf
ISBN: 978-0-19-953661-
Pages: 170
To the Lighthouse
This is not one of the easiest books to read but it grows on you.  I quickly read it while I was sick and put it down at the end thinking of it as, not one of the most impressionable books I have read.  I picked it up about a month later and read it again.  This time I actually really enjoyed it.  It is written in 'stream of consciousness' point of view.  It gets into the minds of the characters.  I didn't think much about this as I read it the first time, but reading it the second time I took this into account.  It lets you know the character as people.  Rather than reading for a plot or scene you are reading the thoughts and emotions of the character.  When you think about what they are feeling and thinking you can think of them as real people.  I haven't read a lot of books that are written so predominantly in this style, so I found it very different to read.  Once I became attached to the characters thoughts it became a classic in the term 'when you read it again you get more from it'.
Strangely enough, although this is a hard read at first, I recommend reading it.
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