Friday 11 July 2014


Author: Cornelia Funke
ISBN: 9-708439-554014
Pages: 655

I did it!  I got through this book!  It was fantastic and I was disappointed that it had to come to an end.  Well, really it doesn't end here.  There is one more book in the trilogy which I wont be able to read until later in the year, as my reading pile is a little large at the moment.  Never mind it will be something to look forward to. 
So, what made this book so enjoyable for me...  the characters and the descriptive scenes.  I was drawn into the characters lives and emotions.  Each character seemed to play their own part in the creation of the book.  Maggie reads herself and Farid into the same book that the characters had been read out of in Inkheart, this becomes its own story for a while.  Mo and Resa are read into the book for different reason (you will have to read it) and this becomes its own story for a while.  Mean while Elinor is is left behind wishing she could escape her situation and follow them all.  It flicks it bit between each scene yet draws you further into the novel as it all emerges together.  Awesome writing by Cornelia Funke. 
The descriptive writing enables the reader to envision the scenes.  I loved this.  It was like reading a new updated version of Nania.  Well really nothing can compare to Nania it is in a league of its own, yet this is what the writing reminded me of (keeping in mind that this is only my thoughts).
This is a young adults book.  I have seen youtube reviews done by younger children but I really think that the maturity of this book would be enjoyed at a deeper level by young adults rather that children.
This was available from:  Book Depository, Fishpond and Amazon.  You will most likely find this on any bookstore shelf also.

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