Friday 26 April 2024

The Atlas Six

 Author: Olivie Blake

ISBN: 9781529095241

Hi Everyone

Okay. I had big expectations for this novel and I didn't get what I wanted. The concept was good but it went on way more than it needed to.  I felt like I was reading forever, continually finding out a little snippet about the characters. It didn't nearly as far into the plot as it could have. This plot could have really grabbed my attention had it had more action and suspense. I'm giving my honest review here.

Again this was based on my expectations. I did enjoy the book.  I just wanted more than it gave me. I have read so many good books but this one isn't in my top 10. 

Maybe you could read it and then let me know whether I should try reading it again, from a different perspective, at another time of my journey through literature :)


Six young magicians are chosen for greatness. But as they study to become the best among rivals, the stakes are higher than they know.

The Library of Alexandria has never perished, it has kept the darkest secrets of mankind hidden for thousands of years. Every ten years, the most talented magicians of their generation are given the opportunity to study the ancient knowledge: those who survive the initiation await tremendous wealth, power, and wisdom. But of the six chosen, only five will survive.

This time they are joined by Libby Rhodes and Nico de Varona, two gifted physiomagicians from the New York University of Magical Arts who can't stand each other. The telepath Parisa Kamali and the empath Callum Nova, both masters of manipulation. Tristan Caine, the cynical son of a London gangster who can see through any illusion, and Reina Mori, a mysterious nature magician from Japan.

A game of life and death begins between the powerful adepts.

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