Friday 4 July 2014

Shades of gray


Shades of Gray
Carolyn Reeder
ISBN: 9-780689-826962
Shades of Gray
After Wills parents die he is sent to live with his Aunty and Uncle he has never met.  Will's Uncle didn't go to war, so Will thinks he is a traitor and refuses to except him or even call him Uncle.  He tries to adjust to his new life yet the boys seem to make it difficult; they know too much about him.  Through the trials life brings Will has difficult decisions to make.  Life adjusts around him and draws him un-knownly into his new family. 
This a great book for boys.  That having been said, the girls will enjoy it too.  Will was a great character that my son enjoyed.  He continually outwitted the other boys often making him face up to his conscience.
This book has the age recommendation of 8-12 years.
It was available from: Book Depository and Amazon

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