Thursday 2 May 2024

Anne of Green Gables


Hi Everyone

No one is ever too grown up to read Anne of Green Gables. Anne is just adorable! She talks more than me :)

The story is a classic, and I see why. Every page has something special. The language is witty, clever, elegant, and rich. I have read plenty of children's and young reader's books, but this one tops them all. I see history intertwined amongst the literacy, which will enable many talking points if read aloud to young people.  

Overall, I think anyone's reading list is not complete unless this is either added or already read. It is one of the best classic series on the market.  Now that is giving Anne of Green Gables some major credits because I like reading the classics and I have many of them on my favourites list.  I still think this one needs to be one of the top children's literature titles. 

When you find a copy and a spare moment, take the time to journey with Anne of Green Gables. Then we can all have a talk about Anne, literacy, and a bit of history.  I have the whole series to read so I will keep you updated.


People are surprised when Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, both very set in their ways, decide to adopt an orphan boy. But no-one is more astonished than Marilla and Matthew themselves when the boy they are expecting turns out to be a very talkative, very imaginative, very read-headed, very female girl. Anne has arrived at Green Gables. Her adventures, dreams, sorrows and joys are set down here in one of the most popular books ever written.

Happy reading

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