Monday 13 March 2023

Aggie Morton Mystery Queen

 Peril At Owl Park

Author: Marthe Jocelyn

ISBN: 978-0-7352-6551-6

Hi Everyone:

I spilled my coffee on this book!  

Yes, I sat down and read it during my afternoon tea break and managed to forget I was holding a cup of coffee. How on earth can an adult get so tied up in a young person's book? Well, I can 😄 and I recommend that if you don't pick up a young person's book from time to time then you should!  You are missing out if you don't. 

This book took me into a time past and a time present all at once.  How you ask? In three ways:
  • It reminded me of Nancy Drew mysteries but a modern version for today's readers
  • It was linked to Agatha Christie because young Aggie likes Agatha Christie
  • The story is based in 1902.
This story is gripping and delightful.

Trust me the pages of my book now show a book worth reading.


Aspiring writer Aggie Morton has just solved a murder and survived a brush with death in her small town on the coast of England. Now she is eager to spend the holidays with her sister Marjorie, the new Lady Greyson of Owl Park, along with Grannie Jan and Aggie's Belgian friend and fellow sleuth, Hector Perot. An enormous manor house in the country, Owl Park holds many delights, including Aggie's almost cousin Lucy, a troupe of traveling actors, glamorous visitors from Ceylon, a secret passage and... an emerald with a curse!
When Aggie and her friends discover a body instead of presents on Christmas morning, things take a deadly serious turn. Aggie and Hector will once again put their deductive skills and imaginations to work in finding a murderer on the loose. And maybe this time, the local police will have a keener appreciation of Aggie's theories?
A thrilling and masterful whodunit, full of new faces and old, Peril at Owl Park will delight readers of all ages and Agatha Christie fans everywhere!

This was available from: Paperplus

Happy reading

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