Sunday 28 November 2021

Booktuber of the Month

Hi Everyone

It is time for another Booktuber to look into.  I have been following CarolynMarieReads for a while now and I enjoy all of her clips.  She is intelligent, bright and sweet.  I want highlight this clip in particular because she gives her opinion as to why children's literature is important, not only for the young but for all of us.  She has some very good points. 

I enjoy children's literature more every year.  I have fond memories of sitting 'on the mat' in primary school and being read aloud to.  I remember the Hobbit and The Wind in the Willows.  I think there will always be a place in my heart for children's literature hence my reasoning behind encouraging children to read.  Even when a child struggles to read - read to them.  We all need to know and keep a special place in this world for children's literature.  Carolyn will help you to see some of the qualities of children's literature in the above Youtube link.  Take a look at what she brings to the world of books.

Happy reading

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