Thursday 20 September 2018

William Carey - Obliged to go

William Carey - Obliged to go
Authors: Janet and Geoff Benge
ISBN: 978-1-57658-147-6

William Carey: Obliged to Go

Hi Everyone

This book has been sitting on my bookcase for a while now and it should have been read long before now as it didn't deserve to sit this long 😀

I purchased it as part of the Sonlight curriculum we were following before exam years got in the way.  But, we have begun once again to read through what is left on my shelf.  This one is well worth the read.  I haven't read any of the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series but I will, just to see if they are written this well.

There were many wow moments in these pages.  It is a true history novel that far exceeds any text book.  This is an example of a real living book, one of which the kids can relate to.

I actually read it aloud to my kids.  Yes we still read aloud.... they never out grow it.  Keep reading to your teens you may just be amazed at how they enjoy it still.  There were many moments where we stopped to discuss the contents this book addressed.  There were things that we found ourselves digging deeper to find out just a little more.  Some of the events that took place back in the days of William Carey were just a little opening for not just my kids but for me.  We live in a different world with new issues, some of the old remain - yes, but some to read a book which opened up some of the past which is often forgotten and never mentioned today, was really interesting.

I have recommended this book to quite a few people since I opened its pages.  I think I can say this little piece of literature left me thinking and hungry to read more.

Happy reading

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