Friday 29 September 2017

Booktuber of the month

Hi Everyone

It is the end of October.... Already!  Where has the month gone?  So, if it is the end of the month, that means it is also time to bring you a booktuber highlight.

This month I have decided to bring you Katytastic I have been watching her for years.  I have watched her transform from teen to young woman.  She has never lost her enthusiasm for books.  It is her enthusiasm and fun approach that grabs my interest in the books she highlights.  In this clip she is showing her book haul and she definitely has plenty to show.  I wish I had her book haul and the bookcase behind her!

She seems to work for quite a few publishers, as you will see in this clip.  This means that she has quite a few new release books which also draws me back, after time to her clips as I get to be updated on what is new out in the book world.

If you take a look through her videos you will find a wealth of information, box openings, and some just down and outright fun bookish clips too.  Take a look at her subscriber total... 243K! She must be doing something right, she is bringing books to a massive amount of repeat viewers. including me 😃

As you awake to the weekend, like I have this morning, click on the clip above and take a look at the world of Katytastic.

Happy reading

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