Sunday 23 July 2017

Badjelly the witch

Badjelly the Witch
Author: Spike Milligan
ISBN: 9780753556825

Badjelly The Witch: A Fairy Story

Hi Everyone

Flash back!   I was so excited this weekend when someone shared Badjelly the Witch to me on facebook 

Now where does this excitement come from?  Well, when I was a little girl... we listened to children stories every Sunday on the radio.  This was a tradition held by most of the children in my country.  Sunday morning story time!  It was the best.  My favourite was this story and Flick the Little Fire Engine. 

Oh the memories 😊

The story is now on my Facebook  page thanks to Good Old Days NZ.  Check it out.


Badjelly the Witch can turn children into sausages or chop them up to make boy-girl soup. She can turn policemen into apple trees or bananas into mice and she is the wickedest witch in all the world. Searching for Lucy, their cow, Tim and Rose become lost in the great black forest. There they meet Binklebonk the Tree Goblin, Mudwiggle the worm, Silly Sausage the grasshopper and Dinglemouse. When they are captured by Badjelly, it is Dinglemouse who saves them by escaping and fetching his friend Jim the Giant Eagle. A charming fairy tale which has delighted children for many years.

This was available from: Book depository Fishpond and Amazon

Happy reading

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