Thursday 18 May 2017

Oh no! Winter has arrived!

Creative Wisdom for Writers
Author: Roland Fishman
ISBN: 1-86508-336-4

Hi Everyone,

Winter has arrived here!  One minute the sun was shining and I was about to mow the lawns.... Then the rain came, the thunder, the lightning and wind followed within minutes. That was yesterday and it still hasn't calmed. 

But never fear 😀 I am prepared! 

It may only be 6 degrees out side (Celsius here) but there is always a bright side.  I have plenty of water in my water tank now so I can take nice long hot showers or have a bubble bath.  I have my fire going, so I am warm as toast. I have been on Youtube and started a new craft - a throw for my room.  And I have been to the library, of which I wasn't going to bring home any books... oops.

At the library I picked up this little book Creative Wisdom for Writers.  This is an adorable little book full of quotes for the writer.  Well, I would argue that it is for the writer; I think they are genuine everyday quotes that are applicable to everyone but it has been presented with the writer in mind.

This is how the book works... the left hand page has a purpose, the right hand page has the quote.

Example: Page 152 simply has 'Dream'.

Page 153 -  Quote -
'We read a few words at the beginning of the book or the particular story, and suddenly we find ourselves seeing not words on a page but a train moving through Russia, an old Italian crying, or a farmhouse battered by rain - John Gardner".

The book is delightful and I would like a copy for coffee table. 

Well, what do you have planned for your day?  Is is winter or summer?  Do you curl up inside or take to the fresh air?  We all live in different areas of the world, but it is nice being connected with you all through the books we are enjoying.

Happy reading

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