Tuesday 4 April 2017

Cat and the stinkwater war

Cat and the Stinkwater War
Author: Kate Saunders
ISBN: 0-330-41576-x

Hi Everyone

I have to give credit to the cover first.  The copy that I have in my hand has a suede feel cover that makes the book seem special.  Second I have to give credit to my daughter who stayed consistent in her recommendation of this book.  She has been telling me to read and review this book since I started blogging.  Finally she placed book in my hand, when I finished Inkdeath, and more or less commanded that this be my next read.

It is so cute!

Cat receives a parcel from some Professor whom they thought was dead.  Inside it is a stone that turns Cat into a cat.  Yes, I told you it was cute.  Well... from there, she helps the neighbourhood cats in their battle to find and get back the prized sardine.  Are you smiling yet?

This is a special little read for any child who, like my daughter, loves animals.  She has read this book many times.  The book was given to her by my niece and she had read it and loved it also.  That means this book comes with at least two young girls recommendations.

I enjoyed the journey, the language, and simplicity of this novel.  I for one, would not hesitate in purchasing this for any girl that I know.  I would think a boy would also enjoy this but upon state that I don't think it would be up my boys alley of reading choice.


Cat gasped.  She felt her back stretching and arching.  She was shrinking - until her clothes fell around her in a floppy heap.  The stone became warm, then hot, then burning.  She dropped it with a cry that came out in a long, ragged mew.  This could not be happening!

Happy reading

This was available from: Fishpond, and Amazon

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