Sunday 26 March 2017

Nick and the Nasty Knight

Nick and the Nasty Knight
Author: Ute Krause
ISBN: 978-0-7358-4091-1

Hi Everyone,

It is time for a picture book to grace my reviews.  I have to acknowlege the fact - I still enjoy children's picture books.  I am especially drawn to the illustrations and poetic devices in a picture book. 

This one ticked all the boxes for illustrations.  They were bight and connected well with the story.  It also had a good arrangement of poetic devices as the first line demonstrates-

"Sir Nestor the Nasty was the meanest, rottenest, greediest knight you can imagine."

It wasn't over done with poetic devices but the disconection between poetic and normal at times stunted my fluency when reading aloud.  Then again it could have been that my eyes kept getting distracted by the illustrations.  Overall though, this is a great little read for our young ones. 

Here are some photo's to show you the creativity in the illustrations:


Everyone's afraid of Sir Nestor the Nasty Knight.  Everyone? Not quite! Nick has had enough of slaving away for the meanest, rottenest, greediest knight, so one day he escapes.  But what bad luck!  Deep in the woods, Nick is captured by a gang of thieves!  They are delighted with their catch, but fortunately, there's one thing that robbers prefer to captives - and that's gold,  Luckily, Nick knows just where the Nast Knight keeps his treasure.

Happy reading

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