Thursday 2 March 2017

Away in my aeroplane

Away in my Aeroplane
Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrated by: Henry Fisher
ISBN: 978-1-4723-0788-0

Hi Everyone,

We all need the pleasure of a bright children's picture book from time to time.  The cover grabbed me due to the bright playful illustrations and I just had to take the book home. 

Riding along in my aeroplane, over the clouds and through the rain.

That is how this book starts... the rhyme is catchy.  I can remember reading books that rhymed with my kids a few years back and they loved them.  I was able to read them over and over many times without them getting bored and better yet, without my getting bored.

The print of the words is brilliant in this edition.  They sway across the page like the plane would in the sky.  I like this and I get pleasure from reading the words  rather than the normal straight across.  It kind of makes the pages playful, matching the illustrations.

Away in my Aeroplane is short and simple.  I great little read for a small person especially those who would like bright pages and a short time on your knee.

Happy reading

This was available from: Fishpond, Amazon and Book depository

I found it interesting that some editions have Aeroplane and others have Airplane!  Mine has the Aero spelling hence I have spelt it as such.

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