Monday 20 February 2017

Nobody's safe here

Nobody's Safe Here
Author: Bill Percy
ISBN: 978-1-61296-787-5

Hi Everyone,

I have to say 'This book took me by suprise'.  The title gave little away about the book, in accordance to what the book was actually about.  This was a novel about minds.  Far from what I expected.  I think this book even played mind games with me, as I tried to figure out where each character was going.

It starts with a teen (Jared) and a container load of guns, a fear of the government out to kill him, and an idea to mass shoot the kids at school.  The problem comes when they try to find him guilty of anything, as he is a shining example of perfection in society.  Every avenue is thought of in the pursuit of an answer as to why this young man is showing signs of paranoid delusion. 

Then, there is Magnus who is suicidal and soon becomes set on murdering a monk who  *spoiler*...

Add to all this a friend who is dying, a detective that is a tosser(to say the least), a love life on the brink (or is it) and a demanding daughter whom I found adorable but spoilt... put it all together and you have 'Nobody is Safe Here'. 

By the end of the book I thought no-one was safe from themselves!

This book really took me on a journey, one of which I have never read the likes of before.  I was waiting for more action, but I got mind games to the max.  I have to say though, that I really enjoyed the plot.  It wasn't really like any other book and this was refreshing.  Often one can read several books in a row and they all have the same plot with different characters and scenes.  Definitely a book of mystery, as the description foretells.  As for a psychological thriller... not so sure.  I would say psychological 'yes', thriller 'not really'.  But definitely a book I'm pleased to have picked up.


When cattle baron Magnus Anderssen collapses mentally, psychologist Ed Northrup struggles to find the cause - a terrible event buried in Magnus's past leaving him veering between suicide and murder. Meanwhile, Deputies Andi Pelton and Boyd Ordrew clash as they investigate Jared Hansen, a boy caught with rifles and a paranoid plan to kill his schoolmates. Their problem? Jared, a great kid, a school leader, has no previous problems. Ordrew’s convinced Jared’s a mass shooter-in-waiting, but Andi’s not. Ed joins their search for whatever caused his radical transformation from great kid to psychotic killer. It’s a race against time: Magnus grows more irrational and homicidal, Jared's insanity may not be controlled before it’s too late, and Ed’s risky plan to save the boy may destroy his relationship with Andi. Nobody’s Safe Here, a psychological thriller, tells the story of a community of ordinary, decent people facing terrifying mysteries.

Happy reading

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