Wednesday 28 December 2016

The detective's daughter

The Detective's Daughter
Author: Lesley Thomson
ISBN: 9781471345043

Hi Everyone,

This was extremely long!  There were parts of it that seemed to have already been told, but by the end the information all came together to form the making of a good story.  I think because this was so long, and I was listening to it rather than reading, it was easy to get a little lost.  If I had been reading this I may have gone back and re-read parts.  Having said that I enjoyed the narration and ability to listen while I worked on my housework and gardening. 

The characters were interesting.  Kate Rokesmith and inspector Darnell are dead, and another character dies.  These seemed to be a lot of dead characters to keep up with, but this soon became easy as the story came together.  The son of Kate transforms into one of the leading characters... you will quickly figure this one out for yourself without me forming a spoiler.  Each character becomes connected in one way or another.  It must have been quite a small town!  I found the characters to be interesting and the mystery killer wasn't easily suspected, not too soon anyway. 

The scene, was quite a bit smaller than the character count.  I visualised all the story happening within a small range.  This may be my small town visionary, but other than the train rides my mind stayed in a small radius.  I liked the visualisation of the end scenes, they captured my imagination and had me holding my breath.

Overall, I am pleased I listened to have listened to this one on audio because of the length.  On the other hand I think I would have found it easier to follow by reading the book.  Hard decision... book or audio?


Summer, 1981: The body of Kate Rokesmith is found by the River Thames in London. Her four-year-old son is wandering nearby, traumatised and mute.

Detective Inspector Darnell cancels yet another trip he had promised his daughter Stella and heads for the scene of the crime. The murder is never solved.

Winter, 2011: It's another busy day at the Clean Slate office. Owner and head cleaner Stella Darnell is annoyed to have her routine interrupted by the news that her father has died of a heart attack. Dutifully sorting his belongings, she finds the case papers for the Kate Rokesmith murder gathering dust in his attic. Stella cannot resist the lure of bringing order to chaos. Red pen in hand, she determines to find the killer...

This was available from: Amazon, Book depository and Fishpond

It was also available at Audible and I borrowed it from our local library via Borrowbox

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