Thursday 13 October 2016

Three Letters

Three Letters
Author: Josephine Cox
ISBN: 978-0-00-741998-2

This is the first time I have ever picked up a Josephine Cox book to read.  I use to work in a book shop and her books flew off the shelves everytime they entered the store, but I never took the time to look beyond the covers and see what people liked about her writing.

When I was given this book I dove right in and experienced my first Josephine Cox drama.  It was better than any drama I have watched on the TV.  I got to imagine what Ruth was like, and I really didn't like her.  From the beginning she wasn't my type of person.  Even when she told her story I couldn't understand why she treated her family the way she did.  Some people may have sympathy for her, but I struggled.  I see no right in taking your past and punishing others around you for it.

As for Cassey and the Grandfather, I fell in love with them.  They journeyed the pages of this novel together with such grace and beauty.  I just wanted to join their little nook and bake for them to make it all better.  That is where Dolly comes in.  She is such a dream and her wisdom is a joy.

The other characters I was able to give or take.  I enjoyed every bit of this book.  I will have to take a look into another one of Josephine's novels now... I think I'm hooked. 


Eight-year-old Casey's mother Ruth is a cruel woman, with a weakness for other women's husbands.  Casey's father is gentle and hard-working and, though Tom Denton has long suspected his wife of having sordid affairs, he has chosen to turn a blind eye to keep the peace.  But then, out of the blue, Tom's world is cruelly shattered when he receives two bits of devastating news.  Because of this, Tom realises that from now on thier lives must chang, forever.

A broken man, Tom is made to fight for his son, determined to keep him safe.  But when fate takes a hand, life can be unbearably cruel, and Casey is made to remember is father's prophetic words...

'Its done.  The dice is thrown, and nobody wins.'

But, unbeknown to Casey, there are three letters penned by his father, that may jsut change his destiny forever.

This was available from most good bookstores, Fishpond, Book depository and Amazon

Happy reading

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